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Sunset at Wat Phasor Kaew.

31Sunset behind Buddha sculpture at Wat Phasor Kaew

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Scorpions – Lady Starlight.


Fjallbacka, Sweden.

Fjallbacka, SwedenFjällbacka is a locality situated in Tanum Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden with 859 inhabitants in 2010.Fjällbacka is mostly known as a summer tourist resort, with a long history.Fjällbacka is located at Latitude 58,36 North Longitude 11,17 East, approximately 150 km from Gothenburg, 165 km from Oslo and 520 km from Stockholm.

Sugar Beach, St Lucia.

30Sugar Beach, St Lucia

Scorpions – Kojo No Tsuki.


Agrigento, Sicily.

Agrigento  SicilyAgrigento  is a city on the southern coast of Sicily, Italy, and capital of the province of Agrigento. It is renowned as the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas (also known as Acragas (Ἀκράγας) in Greek, Agrigentum in Latin and Kirkent or Jirjent in Arabic), one of the leading cities of Magna Graecia during the golden age of Ancient Greece with population estimates in the range 200,000 – 800,000 before 406 BC.Agrigento was founded on a plateau overlooking the sea, with two nearby rivers, the Hypsas and the Akragas, and a ridge to the north offering a degree of natural fortification. Its establishment took place around 582-580 BC and is attributed to Greek colonists from Gela, who named it Akragas.

Storm’s A-Brewin’.

29STORM’S A-BREWIN’ by Robert Edmonds

Photo by Robert Edmonds.

Scorpions – Kiss Of Borrowed Time.


Fraeylemaborg, Netherlands.

Fjallbacka, SwedenThe Fraeylemaborg is a borg in the village of Slochteren in the Netherlands. At present the Fraeylemaborg is a historic house museum, which had 29,106 visitors in 2013.Fraeylemaborg is the most important of the borgen in the province of Groningen. These strong houses or keeps were built in the Middle Ages to store harvests and to protect their produce from robbers. Besides churches, these structures were the only buildings that used durable stone and masonry. In due time they grew to become centres of power and wealth. The Fraeylemaborg is located in the middle of the town of Slochteren which upon its discovery in 1959 gave its name to the largest gasfield in the world.

Spiez, Switzerland.

28Spiez ~ SwitzerlandSpiez is a town and municipality on the shore of Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss canton of Bern. It forms part the Frutigen-Niedersimmental administrative district. Besides the town of Spiez, the municipality also includes the settlements of Einigen, Hondrich, Faulensee and Spiezwiler.


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