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Scorpions – The Good Die Young.


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Lima, Peru.

Lima, Peru2Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, in the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Together with the seaport of Callao, it forms a contiguous urban area known as the Lima Metropolitan Area. With a population approaching 9 million, Lima is the most populous metropolitan area of Peru, and the fifth largest city in the Americas (as defined by “city proper”).Lima was founded by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535, as Ciudad de los Reyes. It became the capital and most important city in the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. Following the Peruvian War of Independence, it became the capital of the Republic of Peru. Today, around one-third of the Peruvian population lives in the metropolitan area.

Entryway, Savannah, Georgia.

25Entryway, Savannah, Georgia photo via djferreira224

Photo via djferreira224.

Scorpions – The Game Of Life.


Marvão, Portugal.

Marvão, Portugal

Lavaux, Switzerland.

24Lavaux, Switzerland (by MaxatneP)The Lavaux is a region in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, in the district of Lavaux-Oron. The Lavaux consist of 830 hectares of terraced wineyards that stretch for about 30 km along the south-facing northern shores of Lake Geneva.Although there is some evidence that vines were grown in the area in Roman times, the actual vine terraces can be traced back to the 11th century, when Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries controlled the area. It benefits from a temperate climate, but the southern aspect of the terraces with the reflection of the sun in the lake and the stone walls gives a mediterranean character to the region.

Photo by MaxatneP.

Scorpions – The Cross.


Santorini, Greece.

Santorini - Greece (von Patricia Fenn)

Photo by Patricia Fenn.

Char Minar, Hyderabad Deccan, India.

23Char Minar, Hyderabad Deccan, IndiaThe Charminar, built in 1591 CE, is a monument and mosque located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The landmark has become a global icon of Hyderabad, listed among the most recognized structures of India.The Charminar is situated on the east bank of Musi river.To the west lies the Laad Bazaar, and to the southwest lies the richly ornamented granite Makkah Masjid.The English name is a translation and combination of the Urdu words Chār and Minar, translating to “Four Towers”; the eponymous towers are ornate minarets attached and supported by four grand arches.

Scorpions – The Future Never Dies.



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