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LEGO Recreations of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

vesalehtimaki2Helsinki-based Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, aka Avanaut, captures cinematic shots of LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones toys. The photographer uses his creative eye and skilled hand to snap shots of the mini figurines against real-life backdrops, resulting in dramatic portraits of these fictional characters in spectacular and often lively landscapes.
Stormtroopers, tauntauns, and AT-ATs all make an appearance in Lehtimäki’s series of images. Each creature and machine is given a sense of personality and emotion through the photographer’s keen eye for composition and expert distribution of light. Additionally, there is a sense of motion in many of the images that take place in the snow. Using baking powder as the bed of snow and white flurries that sprinkle the air, Lehtimäki creatively adds a realistic depiction of Hoth, the fictional planet cloaked in snow and ice.












Source: My Modern Met and Vesa Lehtimäki.

Piazzale Ponte Milvio, Rome, Italy.

31Piazzale Ponte Milvio - Rome - Italy (von Paolo Margari)

Photo by Paolo Margari.

Savage Garden – Crush (1980 Me).

downloadThe Affirmation World Tour played 80 shows in Australia, North America, Europe and the Far East through 2000. The show was the beginning of Hayes’s collaboration with Willie Williams, having a stage set consisting of a gameshow-like backdrop of multicoloured neon lights. The international music video for the song “Affirmation”, as well as the music videos for “Chained to You” and “The Best Thing”, were filmed during this tour. During the Australian leg of the tour, a camera crew also filmed both on-stage and backstage for what would later be the Superstars and Cannonballs DVD/VHS.

Castle Drachenburg, Königswinter, Germany.

Castle Drachenburg, Königswinter, Germany photo via silkeSchloss Drachenburg is a private villa in palace style constructed in the late 19th century. It was completed in only two years (1882–84) on the Drachenfels hill in Königswinter, a German town on the Rhine near the city of Bonn. Baron Stephan von Sarter (1833–1902), a broker and banker, planned to live there, but never did.Today the Palace is in the possession of the State Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is served by an intermediate station on the Drachenfels Railway.

Petrovaradin, Serbia.

SONY DSCPetrovaradin is a town and municipality in Serbia, part of the agglomeration of Novi Sad. Lying across the river Danube from the main part of Novi Sad, it is built near the Petrovaradin Fortress, known as the “Gibraltar of the Danube”.

Photo by Roman Sayko.

Savage Garden – Crash And Burn.

Crash_and_Burn_Savage_GardenThe greatest hits package Truly Madly Completely: The Best of Savage Garden was released on 7 November 2005 – with a US release following in early 2006 – and included a new single by Darren Hayes entitled “So Beautiful”. Several variations of the release also included a bonus DVD featuring several music video clips, as well as the Parallel Livesdocumentary, which was earlier released as a bonus feature of the Superstars and Cannonballs DVD/VHS.

Castle Entry, Aquitaine, France.

Castle Entry, Aquitaine, France photo via patricia

Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico.

29Palacio de Bellas Artes - Mexico City - MexicoThe Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts) is the most important cultural center in Mexico City as well as the rest of the country of Mexico. It is located on the west side of the historic center of Mexico City next to the Alameda Central park.The first National Theater of Mexico was built in the late 19th century, but it was soon decided to tear this down in favor of a more opulent building in time for Centennial of the Mexican War of Independence in 1910. The initial design and construction was undertaken by Italian architect Adamo Boari in 1904, but complications arising from the soft subsoil and the political problem both before and during the Mexican Revolution, hindered then stopped construction completely by 1913. Construction began again in 1932 under Mexican architect Federico Mariscal and was completed in 1934. The exterior of the building is primarily Neoclassical and Art Nouveau and the interior is primarily Art Deco. The building is best known for its murals by Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and others, as well as the many exhibitions and theatrical performances its hosts, including the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico.

Savage Garden – Cherry Cola.

hqdefaultIn an interview on the musicMAX network, Hayes said that a few weeks before the release of their second album, Jones did not like the fame that the band was receiving and was not happy. Hayes wanted to move on in the music industry as a solo artist. His first solo single, “Insatiable”, was released in January 2002 and his solo album, Spin, followed in March. It spawned several UK Top 40 singles, including “I Miss You”, “Strange Relationship”, and “Crush (1980 Me)”. Hayes has released more solo albums.
Jones started his own production company, Meridien Musik, and built a recording studio, Level 7 Studios, to record young Australian artists including Aneiki and Bachelor Girl.
In August 2007, Hayes was asked by The Daily Telegraph if he and Jones would ever consider a reunion, he replied abruptly, “No, never. I once said I’d only do it if it cured cancer, and that’s still how I feel.”

Bempton Cliffs, United Kingdom.

Bempton Cliffs, UK (by Thomas Tolkien)

Photo by Thomas Tolkien.


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