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Queen – Father To Son.

downloadIn 1975, the band left for a world tour with each member in Zandra Rhodes-created costumes and accompanied with banks of lights and effects. They toured the US as headliners, and played in Canada for the first time.In September, after an acromonious split with Trident, the band negotiated themselves out of their Trident Studios contract and searched for new management. One of the options they considered was an offer from Led Zeppelin’s manager, Peter Grant. Grant wanted them to sign with Led Zeppelin’s own production company, Swan Song Records. The band found the contract unacceptable and instead contacted Elton John’s manager, John Reid, who accepted the position.

Qavam House, Shiraz, Iran.

Qavam House - Shiraz - Iran (von Sebastià Giralt)Qavam House (also widely called „Narenjestan e Ghavam”) is a traditional and historical house in Shiraz, Iran. It is at walking distance from the Khan Madrassa.It was built between 1879 and 1886 by Mirza Ibrahim Khan. The Qavam family were merchants originally from Qazvin. But they soon became active in the government during the Zand dynasty, followed by the Qajar, and Pahlavi dynasty as well.The Qavam „Naranjestan” preserves the elegance and refinement enjoyed by the upper-class families during the 19th century. The paintings on the low ceilings of the house are inspired by Victorian era Europe.

Photo by Sebastià Giralt.

Queen – Procession.

downloadThe single „Killer Queen” from Sheer Heart Attack reached number two on the British charts,and became their first US hit, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.It combines camp, vaudeville, and British music hall with May’s guitar virtuosity. The album’s second single, „Now I’m Here”, a more traditional hard rock composition, was a number eleven hit in Britain, while the high speed rocker „Stone Cold Crazy” featuring May’s uptempo riffs is a precursor to speed metal.In recent years, the album has received acclaim from music publications: In 2006, Classic Rock ranked it number 28 in „The 100 Greatest British Rock Albums Ever”,and in 2007, Mojo ranked it No.88 in „The 100 Records That Changed the World”.It is also the second of three Queen albums to feature in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Cotroceni Area, Bucharest.

23Cotroceni Area, Bucharest


Queen – Seven Seas Of Rhye.

seven-seas-of-rhye-uksinglescollectionfrontAfter the band’s six-night stand at New York’s Uris Theatre in May 1974, Brian May collapsed and was diagnosed as having hepatitis.While recuperating, May was initially absent when the band started work on their third album, but he returned midway through the recording process. Released in 1974, Sheer Heart Attack reached number two in the United Kingdom, sold well throughout Europe, and went gold in the United States.It gave the band their first real experience of international success, and was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The album experimented with a variety of musical genres, including British music hall, heavy metal, ballads, ragtime, and Caribbean. At this point, Queen started to move away from the progressive tendencies of their first two releases into a more radio-friendly, song-orientated style.Sheer Heart Attack introduced new sound and melody patterns that would be refined on their next album, A Night at the Opera.

Theatine Church, Munich.

22Theatine Church, Munich (by Werner Kunz)The Theatine Church of St. Cajetan is a Catholic church in Munich, southern Germany. Built from 1663 to 1690, it was founded by Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, as a gesture of thanks for the birth of the long-awaited heir to the Bavarian crown, Prince Max Emanuel, in 1662.The church was built in Italian high-Baroque style, inspired by Sant’Andrea della Valle in Rome, designed by the Italian architect Agostino Barelli. His successor, Enrico Zuccalli, added two 66 meters high towers, originally not planned, and then finished the 71 meters high dome in 1690. The church is 72 meters long and 15.5 meters wide. The facade in Rococo style was completed only in 1768 by François de Cuvilliés. Its Mediterranean appearance and yellow coloring became a well known symbol for the city and had much influence on Southern German Baroque architecture.

Photo by Werner Kunz.

Queen – Jesus.

hqdefaultThe group’s second LP, Queen II, was released in 1974, and features rock photographer Mick Rock’s iconic image of the band on the cover. This image would be used as the basis for the 1975 „Bohemian Rhapsody” music video production.The album reached number five on the British album chart and became the first Queen album to chart in the UK.The Freddie Mercury-written lead single „Seven Seas of Rhye” reached number ten in the UK, giving the band their first hit.The album is the first real testament to the band’s distinctive layered sound, and features long complex instrumental passages, fantasy-themed lyrics, and musical virtuosity.Aside from its only single, the album also included the song „The March of the Black Queen”, a six-minute epic which lacks a chorus. The Daily Vault described the number as „menacing”.Critical reaction was mixed; the Winnipeg Free Press, while praising the band’s debut album, described Queen II as a „over-produced monstrosity”. Allmusic has described the album as a favourite among the band’s hardcore fans,and it is the first of three Queen albums to feature in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Sumava Nationa Park, Czech Republic.

21Sumava Nationa Park, Czech Republic (by Lenka Nejedla)Šumava National Park is a National Park in the South Bohemian Regions of the Czech Republic along the border with Germany (where the smaller adjacent Bayerischer Wald National Park lies) and Austria. They protect a little-inhabited area of the mountain range of the same name, the Šumava. Since 1990 it has been the protected Biospherical Reserve of UNESCO.

Photo by Lenka Nejedla.

Queen – Son And Daughter.

downloadIn July 1973, Queen finally under a Trident/EMI deal released their eponymous debut album, an effort influenced by the heavy metal and progressive rock of the day.The album was received well by critics; Gordon Fletcher of Rolling Stone said „their debut album is superb”,and Chicago’s Daily Herald called it an „above average debut”.It drew little mainstream attention, and the lead single „Keep Yourself Alive”, a Brian May composition, sold poorly. Retrospectively, „Keep Yourself Alive” is cited as the highlight of the album, and in 2008 Rolling Stone ranked it 31st in the „100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time”, describing it as „an entire album’s worth of riffs crammed into a single song”.The album was certified gold in the UK and the US.


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