Simple.Interesting recognized as one lovely blog.

Today,this blog was nominated for One Lovely Blog Award by Keerthika Singaravel and her amazing blog Wealthmatters.I’m honored and i accepted with pleasure.Thank you again.:)
The Lovely Blog Award just as other awards have anonymous creators but it’s pretty cool because you can nominate your favorites blogs. So its rules are :

1.Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.
2.Describe 7 things about you.
3.Nominate 15 bloggers.

So let’s begin :

1.The credit goes to Wealthmatters.I’m gratefull to have such visitors and i’m glad
that my work is apreciated.

2.Seven things it’s too much for me so i will tell you too words that describes me :hard working and respect.For more please visit my blog and you’ll find out what i like and do. 🙂

3.The nominees are :

-if you like history, please take a look at this amazing blog ,History of Ancient World.One word to describe it : AMAZING !!

-everyday, David gives me something interesting to read so keep up the good work.

-i enjoy looking at beautiful pictures, so i’m gratefull to present you Uthamz.

-if you want to go anywhere in this world please visit Miss Zari.

-spectacular landscapes and amazing photos you will find it here, at WPhotoshopping.

-again, i want to present you a great blog with amazing photos – Tracie Louise Photography.

-interesting photos,music and much more is here, at RHubBlog.

-if you are sad and you want to have some fun, take a lood at Onlinefunland.

Roxie’s Blog is the place to go if you want to find more interesting and amazing articles.

ManoliRizoFotografia is the place with breathtaking photos, so please check in 🙂

-i really enjoy reading Michael’s posts and i Have A Dream, so i recommend this blog.

-amazing posts and beautifull photos is at Rodposse.

Robert Santafede is a genius and his photos take your breath away.

-please visit my friend, Fiazku‘s blog.It’s an amazing one !!!

-the last nomination is Quatography, an amazing blog with wonderful pictures.

About Cristi M.

About me ? Nothing special. If you want to find something please visit my blog.
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14 Responses to Simple.Interesting recognized as one lovely blog.

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  2. Thank you for the nomination Cristi.
    It is much appreciated.

    Ronnie from RHubBlog

  3. onlinefunland says:

    Many Many Congrats to you !
    Many Many Congrats to all whom you nominated in a unique style !
    So much thanks for nominating me !
    Have blessed days always !

  4. History of the Ancient World says:

    Dear Cristi, thank you so much for nominating my blog One Lovely Blog Award, I am honored and happy to know that you’ve been enjoying my post :-). This is first time i’ve been nominated and i’m not really sure what i need to do next, could you help me and tell me what to do exactly? 😀

  5. Cristi M. says:

    It’s my pleasure.You have an amazing blog.As for the award you have to options :
    1. you accept the nomination and that it. 🙂
    2. you accepted it and continue the game, following the rules i posted : give credit to the person who nominated you, tell some things about you and nominate 15 bloggers.
    If you need more help, please let me know.

  6. uthamz says:

    You deserve it 100 % !
    Have been enjoying your blog for quite some time now, on a regular basis.
    I can describe it in just one word – Awesome !

    Thanks a lot for nominating me for the award .
    And thank you for the kind words.
    I am delighted .
    And I am , certainly , grateful for your support and encouragement !

    Keep going , Cristi . All the best !


  7. Cristi M. says:

    Thanks for your kind words and support. Looking forward to see your new photos !!

  8. Thanks Christ for helping me find such lovely blogs!

  9. Thank you Cristi. You certainly are deserving of this award. Congratulations!

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