Hotel Pantone, Brussels, Belgium.

The Pantone Hotel it’s a colorful and vivid place to stay. The hotel is centrally located just steps from Avenue Louise, the glamorous shopping and business district. It is part of the Pantone Universe, an ever-expanding line of products inspired by color and design.Designed by Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and Belgian architect Olivier Hannaert, each of the hotel’s seven floors are enlightened by different color palettes to complement guests’ emotions with distinctive hues — whether vivid or subdued.

The guest rooms are white walls and bedding provide a clean, crisp canvas for saturated pops of vibrant color. Adding to the artistry, rooms feature photographic installations created by renowned Belgian photographer Victor Levy that include a spectrum of Pantone colors to create a unique ambiance in each room.

There are a total of 59 rooms and suites in seven different color palettes. The hotel also features meeting rooms and a rooftop terrace. If my cousin wasn’t coming home from Belgium soon, I’d hop on a plane and go visit her and stay at this hotel for sure.


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  1. ce design au si ce lux…. misto…

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