Botanical Garden, Antwerp, Belgium.

This triangular park is situated between Rubenslei, Van Eycklei and Quinten Matsijslei and in these elegant avenues, named after the famous artists.Located in the Jewish neighborhood, not far from the Antwerp Central Station it is the largest park in the center of Antwerp. During Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) you’ll find a lot of orthodox Jews praying around the pond. By throwing a piece of bread into the pond, they symbolically drown their sins.This Antwerp park is laid out in English style and you can enjoy numerous walking trails, secluded seating and large lawned areas on all of the 14 hectare (35 acres).In the botanical garden, grass, flora species are not the only things you could admire, you can also find there some land art pieces, such as heads above the grass.They are the heads of the conference attendees, in Elzenveld centre,some could cope with harshness of busy life, others couldn’t and started to sink.


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6 răspunsuri la Botanical Garden, Antwerp, Belgium.

  1. Sydney Fong zice:

    thanks for sharing this interesting picture and behind the story

  2. i can imagine trimming that head sticking out of the ground with a weed eater and hearing ow my eye

  3. A Nature Mom zice:

    I love the meaning behind the sinking heads. Beautiful!

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