Aerosmith – Cryin.

tom-hamiltonHamilton has used a wide variety of bass guitars over Aerosmith’s career. He has stated in several interviews that his first bass was a Fender Precision that he borrowed and later bought from a friend. During the early years of Aerosmith and the time after their reformation he often used a Music Man bass, a Fender Precision Bass, a Fender Jazz Bass, or a Gibson Thunderbird. During the „Dude Looks Like A Lady” sequence of Wayne’s World 2, he is seen playing a Gibson Les PaulBass. However, during the making of Just Push Play he called upon a Hofner Violin Bass or a double bass during many of the recording sessions. Recently he has favored a modified ’51 Fender Precision Bass with double pickups instead of one for the recording of  Honkin’ On Bobo and the subsequent tours following the album’s creation. It is known that he also uses Parker basses, since he appeared playing this bass in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, though he was seen playing one at the 2004 concert in Japan. As of June 2009 he was touring with five Sadowsky basses in addition to others.



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10 răspunsuri la Aerosmith – Cryin.

  1. ~REBECCA DAWN~ zice:

    My favorite Aerosmiths songs? Janie Got a Gun, Crying, Crazy.. I was really into them when I was in my late teens??? but not so much now. Probably because I haven’t heard anything new by them.

  2. bursucel zice:

    Nu mai știu de câte ori l-am văzut… 🙂

      • It’s a pleasure to read posting about music that has deep rooted fact and passion all in one. Nothing annoys me more than people who get hung up on the fluff of entertainment. Us in this business, we at times shake our heads at how the world gets all excited over the „tricks” and not the real raw talent. Thank you for posting about the real stuff – cool guitars and little details about the men behind the band name! I mean, I like the fluff too. I had the hots for Bon Jovi, Andy Gibb, and Shawn Cassidy (lol!), but thanks for being more than skin deep when it comes to music.

  3. Cristi M. zice:

    It’s my pleasure to post such amazing music and this band is absolutely amazing.Just reading about their fights and all that happend just make me tell that Aerosmith rocks !

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