Ally Mc Beal Soundtrack 2 – part 4.


Part 3 is here.

Song 4 : To sir, with love.


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10 răspunsuri la Ally Mc Beal Soundtrack 2 – part 4.

  1. Have always loved this song…

  2. ~REBECCA DAWN~ zice:

    ally mcbeal theme song was really good. I was so obsessed with that show back then! where I live we don’t really have a great music shop, and we were lucky enough to get the first soundtrack.
    My sister got the „tape”
    yep we didnt have a CD player back then yet.egad can you believe it! wow that really puts an age on me…ha ha not.
    I never knew there was a second soundtrack!!! have to listen to it!

    • Cristi M. zice:

      It looks like we are getting older, because i listened this soundtrack on „tape”, so…..
      I didn’t know about this second album either, my friend Donna told me about it and it looks like a good one if you ask me.

  3. artdone zice:

    All these songs ARE amazing!

  4. Mmmm ador serialul Ally McBeal 🙂
    Si ce voce senzationala are gagica care a cantat pe tot parcursul serialului… imi place 🙂

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