Zwembalkons Hotel, Mumbai (update).

First was this photo.My friends asked me for more information, so this is what i found :
Zwembalkons Hotel or Aquaria Grande is the 37-storey skyscrapers,the result of a collaboration between Hong Kong-based architect James Law and Indian real estate company Wadhwa Group.The Aquaria Grande Tower in Mumbai, India is a residential skyscraper by Wadhwa Group. The project is currently under construction, but is set to feature amazing private swimming pools off the resident’s balconies.This is the official site of the developer.
More pictures here.


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  2. indiferent zice:

    the ultimate level of luxury …

  3. bursucel zice:

    Am eu ce am cu nuanțele… poza a doua m-a „prins” clar! 🙂

  4. I love this hotel. Pools on each terrace. I AKWAYS dreamt if having a lap pool the was indoors around the perimeter of my entire house. But that’s because I love water so much….

  5. Amazing structures, Cristi… Wow…! 🙂

  6. katrina zice:

    Wow…I’m amazed!!

  7. sedge808 zice:

    it’s like a fantasy

  8. Allure zice:

    Design de nota 10. Am văzut și eu poza cu balcoanele pe G+ și nu pot spune decît ce am gîndit și atunci: not for me 😀 Dai un pic mai vajnic din mîini sau picioare și-ai zburat peste bord cu primul val :))

  9. Onkar lungare zice:

    When will it open ?

  10. Cristi M. zice:

    No sure yet, but i will post as soon as i find out.

  11. Thanks for sharing the information about these amazing buildings. I would just like to stay a WEEKEND in an appartment with a balcony pool. Also THANKS for subscribing to my funny-caption photoblog,, and leaving a “like”! I hope I can bring you a smile (or at least a groan) every weekday.
    –John R.

  12. ken zice:

    Nice work,Kudos 2every builder involved.

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  14. Chris zice:

    Hate to spoil everyone’s fun but this hotel is not real. The Aquaria Grande is real, but it is NOT the hotel pictured with pools on every floor. The „Zwembalkons” and the „Aquaria Grande” are two different structures. The image of the hotel with pools on every floor may infact be a hotel/apartment complex in planning, but it is not listed anywhere on Wadhwa’s web site (I’ve looked). The Aquaria Grande is also an apartment complex, not a hotel.

  15. andrea zice:

    Since I’m going but smooth times a swim with friends.Beautiful evening and thank you for your visit with me.Kindest regards Andrea

  16. hotels to visit once in a lifetime<3

  17. GS Sehgal zice:

    I like this construction……

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