A Cup of Coffee.

44473115040295457_XolGFLDS_cMy friend, Alastair invited me for a cup of coffee and ask me a few coffee related questions.So, here is my answers :

1. How many cups of coffee do you have a day?
I usually have one cup in the morning.

2. What is your favourite caffeine delivery system?
Definitely coffee.

3. What was your best cup of coffee?
The best cup i had every weekend at home in the morning.

4. What was your worst cup of coffee?
Didn’t have such a thing, maybe in Rome they give a small expresso and if you ask me i can drink 10 small expressos.:)

5. What dies your favourite mug say?
My favorite mug it is a gift from my girlfriend and it says „Sighisoara”, a beautiful medieval city in Romania.It is one of my favorite places from our country.

6. How do you take your coffee?
Black with 3 suggars. 🙂

7. When was your first cup.
When i start working, after college i had a cup of coffee first day.

8. Have you ever gone on a coffee or tea date?
No, just meet with my friends for a coffee and occasionally tea.

Now, i invite some people to join :

Rexlin Victor

If you want to join, let’s have a cup of coffee together.


Despre Cristi M.

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17 răspunsuri la A Cup of Coffee.

  1. mkesling63 zice:

    I only do caffeine when I smoke. Your club is very cute. A coffee tour would require a lot less and be just as interesting then a wine tour. I live near NAPA Valley California.

  2. Thanks for the invite Cristi, I shared a cup of coffee a few weeks back. It was fun, but now everyone already knows my answers-:) many hugs ~ Sheri

  3. BTW I love that you like your coffee sweet. I do too. You should have had an Americano in Roma, it’s the only coffee you can get black and can have as many as 4 espresso shots in la tazza! XO

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  5. Clanmother zice:

    What a wonderful way to start my weekend! And I am enjoying by second cup of coffee just to celebrate the invitation. Many great ideas and adventures have come together when friends meet over coffee!!

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