Asenovata Krepost, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria.

Asenovata Krepost, Asenovgrad, BulgariaAsenovata krepost (Asen’s fortress) is situated in the Rhodopes, 2 km to the south of Asenovgrad. The fork for the fortress is immediately after the town en route from Asenovgrad to Chepelare.Asenovata krepost lays on the rocky hill on the left bank of Chaya river. The inner fortress in located in the western end, in the highest part of the fortification. In the north-eastern part is situated the fortress church ‘Holy Virgin’, probably built at the end of XI c. – beginning of XII c. The whole fortress complex was ruined in XV century.


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11 răspunsuri la Asenovata Krepost, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria.

  1. Alastair zice:

    I can just imagine standing at that window and looking down. I think I would need to be attached to the wall though 😆

  2. renxkyoko zice:

    Oh, my. That’s beautiful. But I don’t know if I want to live there.

  3. Maier Ioana zice:

    Foarte frumos acel loc. Am fost acolo acum doi ani si e absolut impresionant.Merita vazut!

  4. Cristi M. zice:

    Si este chiar aproape de Bucuresti, asa ca voi face un drum pana acolo.

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