TV-Series News : Go on, Southland and Monday Mornings cancelled.

goon-copy__120912161823-275x183__130412161025The rumored complete comedy revamp at NBC is happening. After a slew of cancellations (Whitney, Guys With Kids, 1600 Penn, Up All Night), the network just pulled the plug on freshman Go On. So far, only one NBC comedy series, Parks And Recreation, has been renewed. Only two others are still alive — freshman The New Normal and veteran Community, whose fate is being determined in a complex multi-show negotiation between NBC and Sony but is looking good. Go On, which marked Friends star Matthew Perry’s return to NBC, started off strong, buoyed by a Voice lead-in. But it gradually started to slip, lost its rating footing once The Voice went to hiatus and never regained it. Rumors that NBC may discard almost all of its existing comedy series began surfacing early this month when word started to get out that the network is very happy with its comedy pilots.

SOUTHLAND According to The Hollywood Reporter, TNT has canceled Southland after five seasons, as expected.The show was adored by critics but failed to make an impression with viewers, drawing fewer than two million viewers for its entire fifth season. But let’s take a quick trip down memory lane: Southland actually started on NBC, which ordered a second season of the show but then changed its mind, allowing TNT to step in and save it. This is a situation where fans of the show should be happy the show went on as long as it did.According to TV Guide’s Michael Schneider, there’s early talk about a two-hour Southland wrap-up movie, but it’s VERY EARLY TALK. As for the series finale that aired last month, it sort-of worked as an actual series finale.
In other TNT news, the network also put a pillow over Monday Mornings. The medical drama starring Ving Rhames never got going, and I’m sure half of you out there didn’t even know it existed.

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2 Responses to TV-Series News : Go on, Southland and Monday Mornings cancelled.

  1. NBC has yet to understand that when you cancel bad shows to need to replace them with great shows, not shows that are even worse.

  2. Cristi M. says:

    Yes, you are right but the problem is NBC didn’t understand that fact yet.

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