The New York City skyline is one of the world’s most recognisable panoramas – but these extraordinary images show that it would not be so iconic if it were located on another planet.An artist has produced the mock-up photographs showing what Manhattan would look like on each of the other planets in the solar system.Nickolay Lamm came up with the series as a way of reminding us ‘how lucky we are to be living on Earth‘, where the conditions are perfect to support life, which would be impossible anywhere else.
Mercury: If New York City were on the first planet, it would be covered in darkness bar the harsh rays of the sun, and the area covered in pock marks
Venus: The city would be smothered by a cloud of sulphur and carbon dioxide, while the planet is too hot for rivers of water
Mars: The ‘red planet’ would cause buildings to rust and cover the whole city in a layer of dust whipped up by strong winds
The atmosphere of Mars is most similar to that of Earth, but there is no liqid water and the oxidising air on the ‘red planet’ would cause all iron buildings to rust.
Jupiter, as a gas planet, could not support a city on its surface, so Mr Lamm shows New York floated 100km in the atmospere among clouds of ammonia and sulphur.
Saturn’s atmosphere would dissolve the surface of the Statue of Liberty, causing the monumental structure to decompose quickly.
Uranus: Winds stronger than any hurricane found on Earth would instantly destroy the statue and obliterate most of the city’s buildings

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