A-HA – Scoundrel Days.

downloadEast of the Sun, West of the Moon featured a cover version of The Everly Brothers’ 1963 single, „Crying in the Rain”. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, A-ha were very popular in South America, especially in Brazil, where the band sold out some of the largest stadiums in the world. At the Rock in Rio II festival in January 1991, A-ha shocked the international entertainment press by drawing an audience of 198,000 at Maracanã stadium for their top-billed evening concert—a Guinness World Record for paying audiences. In contrast, the other performers (George Michael, Prince, and Guns N’ Roses) each drew less than a third of that audience, 60,000 each. In a 2009 interview from Cody Eide in Musicweek, celebrating A-ha‘s upcoming 25-year anniversary, the band members revealed that the record-breaking concert and the lack of media attention they received were a devastating blow to the band. The 1991 Rock in Rio festival, which should have been the band’s crowning achievement, was instead a moment of crushing disappointment. „MTV interviewed everybody except us”, remembers Waaktar-Savoy. „They were all calling their bosses and saying, ‘We must cover A-ha; it’s the only night that has sold out.’ But they weren’t allowed to.” „I felt very alienated,” says Furuholmen. „It made us feel hopeless. We played to the biggest crowd in the world, and they ignored it.”


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  1. sedge808 zice:

    don’t know if you have done this one yet. but it is my fave…

    You say the world’s an eventful place
    You give me news I don’t want to know
    You say that I should care
    That I should speak my mind

    Oh, but how can I speak of the world rushing by
    With a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes
    Oh, have we come to the point of no turning back
    Or is it still time to get into the swing of things

    Let us walk through this windless city
    I’ll go on till the winter gets me
    Oh, sleep you wrote sleep, my dear
    In a letter somewhere

    Oh, but how can I sleep with your voice in my head
    With an ocean between us and room in my bed
    Oh, have I come to the point where I’m losing the grip
    Or is it still time to get into the swing of things

    Oh, when she glows in the dark and I’m weak by the sight
    Of this breathtaking beauty in which I can hide
    Oh, there’s a world full out there of people I fear
    But given time I’ll get into the swing of things

    Yes, when she glows in the dark and I’m struck by the sight
    I know that I’ll need this for the rest of my life

    Oh, I know that I’ll need this
    For the rest of my life
    You know that I need
    You know that I need

    What have I done, what lies I have told
    I’ve played games with the ones that rescued my soul
    Oh, have I come to the point where I’m losing the grip
    Or is it still time to get into the swing of things

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