A-HA – We’Re Looking For The Whales.

hqdefaultOn 4 November 2005, A-ha released its 8th studio album, Analogue. The UK release of the single „Analogue (All I Want)” gave A-ha their first top ten hit in the UK since 1988.The album includes a guest appearance by Graham Nash of Crosby Stills & Nash performing back-up vocals on the songs „Over the Treetops” and „Cosy Prisons”. The song „Celice” became the band’s ninth to go No. 1 on a major national chart, and its music video sparked criticism for its sexual content. The following tour included a gig at London’s Shepherd’s Bush on 2 February 2006, and a TV special in Africa. In 2006, A-ha recorded a cover of John Lennon’s „No. 9 Dream” for Amnesty International. It was released in June 2007 on the album „Make Some Noise”. On 30 October 2006 in London, A-ha received the prestigious Q Magazine Inspiration Award for their long contribution to music and for inspiring many of their younger colleagues in the business. On 15 September 2007, A-ha played a free outdoor concert in Kiel, Germany. The band played on a floating stage in the harbour. This concert was streamed live on the internet via MSN.On 24 January 2009, twenty-five years after its first release, A-ha won the Norwegian Spellemann award for Hit of All Time for „Take on Me” on the 50th anniversary of the official hit list in Norway.

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