A-HA – This alone is love.

1367784289_east-of-the-sun-west-of-the-moonA-ha‘s final concerts in Oslo, Norway, were recorded by 10 HD cameras with digital, surround-sound audio. Ending on a High Note Live, mixed by Toby Alington, will be available beginning April 2011 in several formats, including the band’s first Blu-ray release. A single-disc live album on CD culls sixteen tracks, while twenty tracks are featured on the Blu-ray, DVD, and deluxe edition double-CD set, which comes with a DVD. A bonus documentary appears in the deluxe set and Blu-ray versions. An NTSC version will be available for the U.S. and Japan.
On 1 April 2011, A-ha released the DVD as well as the Box-set containing both the DVD and the CD of their last concert, Ending on a High Note – The Final Concert.The Blu-ray of the concert; however, was released on 11 April 2011
A-ha played together for the very last time at Oslo Spektrum on 21 August 2011, performing the song „Stay on These Roads” for a national memorial service dedicated to the victims of the 2011 Norway attacks.


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