A-HA – There’s Never A Forever Thing.

A-Ha+-+There's+Never+A+Forever+Thing+-+12-+RECORD-MAXI+SINGLE-25912A-ha has influenced bands such as Coldplay and Keane. They are just a few of A-ha‘s international colleagues that in later years has commented on A-ha and shared their enthusiasm for the band. Most notably perhaps is Chris Martin and Coldplay; „ Everyone asks us who has inspired Coldplay, who we have stolen from, who we listened to when we grew up. Such questions remind you of what has formed you and had an impact on you. One of the first bands I loved was a-ha”. „I was in Amsterdam the other day and I put on the album Hunting High and Low. I remembered right there and then how much I loved that album. It’s just unbelievable songwriting.”(Chris Martin, Coldplay). Other notable comments on A-ha; „They are definitely my favorites this summer. Their last CD (Minor Earth Major Sky) is just fantastic, and how the vocalist sings!” (Sarah Brightman in 2001). „A-ha was always kind of a misunderstood band in my ears. They were perceived as a teenage group for girls, but in reality a very creative band.” (Adam Clayton, U2 – 2000).„A-ha is a great band, and the songs that I did backing vocals for („Over the treetops” & „Cosy Prisons”) is very good. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it, because this isn’t something that I need to do. It all depends on how I feel about it. That’s how privileged I am”‘ (Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young).

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