A-HA – I Call Your Name.

descărcareHarket has collaborated in live performances and in studio recordings with several artists. Among them, Pakistani rock band Junoon on the song „Piya”, Hayley Westenra on „Children First”. He has also worked with many other Scandinavian artists such as Bjørn Eidsvåg, Silje Nergaard, Oslo Gospel Choir, Espen Lind and Carola Häggkvist. On A-ha recordings, Morten has sung withGraham Nash and Anneli Drecker.
Harket released another solo album, Letter from Egypt, on 28 May 2008 via Universal Records Germany. In 2009 Harket created and performed the main theme of A Name is a Name, a film about Macedonia by Sigurjon Einarsson. In April 2012 Harket released his new solo album, Out of My Hands in both Norway and Germany, and on 14 May in the UK.


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