A-HA – Slender Frame.

descărcareMorten Harket is known for his vocal range, which some sources have claimed spans five octaves, although Harket himself said in 2009, “I’ve never counted, quite honestly”. His voice is capable of „The greatest falsetto in the history of pop music EVER…” according to NME’s Sylvia Patterson, to an „unyielding groan” as described in Entertainment Weekly. Sound engineer Gerry Kitchingham, who worked with A-ha on „Take On Me”, described Harket as „an excellent singer” with „this incredibly strong falsetto and almost choir-boyish clarity”.The son of Henny and Reidar Harket, and brother to Gunvald, Håkon, Ingunn and Kjetil, Morten grew up in Asker. Early musical influences included Uriah Heep, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Johnny Cash, Toto, Elton John, David Bowie, and Peter Gabriel. Harket’s family runs a successful bakery business, the only one in Norway specialising in „Scotch Pies”.


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