A-HA – East Of The Sun.

A-Ha-Ha-Ha-East_Of_The_Sun,_West_Of_The_Moon-FrontalHarket has three children with his ex-wife Camilla Malmquist Harket, to whom he was married between 11 February 1989 and 1998: Jakob Oscar Martinus Malmquist Harket (b. 14 May 1989), Jonathan Henning Adler Malmquist Harket (b. 30 December 1990), and Anna Katharina Tomine Malmquist Harket (b. 14 April 1993, uses Tomine as her first name). Harket also has a daughter, Henny, (born 7 February 2003), with then-girlfriend Anne Mette Undlien. Harket had another daughter, Karmen Poppy, (born 7 September 2008), with Inez Andersson.
Along with fellow band member Magne Furuholmen, Harket supports English Premier League football club Stoke City.


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