A-HA – Sycamore Leaves.

ahaPaul Waaktaar-Savoy  is a Norwegian musician and songwriter. He is best known for his work as the main songwriter and guitarist in the Norwegian pop band A-ha. He has written or co-written most of the band’s biggest hits, including „The Sun Always Shines on T.V.”, „Hunting High and Low”, „Take on Me”, the James Bond theme „The Living Daylights” and the ballad „Summer Moved On”. In addition, Waaktaar-Savoy is also a painter. Paul was the lead guitarist and main songwriter for A-ha, one of the most successful bands of the 1980s. Once „Q Magazine” named him as one of the best unknown lyricists of his generation. A-ha performed „Summer Moved On” live at the Nobel-Peace-Price-Concert. After this, they decided to record a new album and, in 2000, A-ha had the comeback of the year, followed by a sold-out tour. The A-ha album „Lifelines” was released in 2002. The following tour was documented in A-ha’s second official live album, How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head, which was released in March 2003.

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