Scorpions – Can’t Get Enough.

f1437fc0af29799c23ec5f42c8fc929aDuring the 1980s, he had a 1963-64 black Fender Stratocaster, called his „trouble guitar”. It had had a Floyd Rose floating bridge and a Bill Lawrence L90 pickup. The guitar was featured on many tracks that needed a tremolo, including „Blackout”. A copy of this guitar (with a black Gibson humbucker) is seen on the ‘Make a Difference Foundation’ video filmed in Russia. This event had other guests including Ozzy Osbourne and Gorky Park.
Jabs favours Gibson Explorer guitars, he even designed a model for them, called the Explorer 90 (due to the body being 90% the size of a regular Explorer) in the late 1980s. He also has a signature Fender Stratocaster dubbed the „Jabocaster”. Nowadays, Jabs and the rest of the Scorpions play the German-made Dommenget brand of guitars. All of the band’s signature models are made by them. His most recent signature guitar is his „Mastercaster” which was used mostly on stage and on their Humanity – Hour 1 album. Jabs is also notable for using a Talk box on some songs (such as „The Zoo” on Animal Magnetism, „To Be No. 1” on Eye II Eye, „Money and Fame” (Crazy World), „Can You Feel It” (Unbreakable), „Media Overkill” (Savage Amusement) ), and „Raised on Rock” (Sting in the Tail).


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