1 YEAR!!!

16Quit-Smoking-CigarettesExactly one year ago I decided to take a break from smoking. Before I do that, I really smoke a lot, maybe more than one package per day and I decide that my lungs needs a pause….:))
Well, I can tell you, that the first hours was hard and after that, the next day everything was normal and good….I don’t know if I’m healthier, but for me this was a big accomplishment!!!! I promise myself that I’ll smoke again on my 90’s birthday, so if this blog still exists, we’ll talk then. :)))
My advice for my friends who still needs a cigarette is to try not to smoke and take a break, just like me because it’s easy and you can live without it!


Despre Cristi M.

About me ? Nothing special. If you want to find something please visit my blog.
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24 de răspunsuri la 1 YEAR!!!

  1. It’s been 7 years for me. Congratulations.

  2. Al zice:

    That’s awesome Cristi. I quit January 30th 2006 and it was the best decision of my life. Well done for you doing the same.

  3. Cred că țigara aceea de la 90 de ani o să fie al dracului de bună 😀

  4. My husband has been smokeless for 3 years as of yesterday. He feels MUCH better these days. Good for you–the best decision you could have made!,

  5. Congratulations! Stick with your choice. You’ll appreciate it down the road!

  6. Congratulations! Stick with it – your lungs will heal themselves and you’ll be so much healthier! I’m sure you feel better already.
    All the best to you – 😀

  7. inavukic zice:

    Congratulations! I’m not as strong as you 🙂 but I’m taking it by steps – have not smoked during the day almost 2 years now, just a few in evenings and will cut that too one day 😀

  8. Congrats. How I look at it now and then is we didn’t come out of the womb smoking 😉 It’s a habit with a chemical dependency that forms. I’m 12 years now without smoking but find I still dream about it as well as crave a cigarette now and then 😦 Your body thanks you for not making it work so hard to live! XO

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