Rougement, Switzerland.

20Rougement, SwitzerlandRougemont is a municipality in the Pays-d’Enhaut of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.Rougemont is first mentioned in 1115 as Rubeus Mons and Rogemot. The name of the village also appears in various forms in medieval chronicles: Rubeimontis, Rogemont, Rubeo monte, Rogo mons, and Rojomont. The name stems from the red rock outcroppings north of the village. The site was probably first settled by a religious order coming from Cluny in France, which had received the land in 1080 from the Count of Gruyère. In 1569, the priory was replaced by the château of Rougemont, which became the residence of the bailiffs of Bern, who succeeded the Count of Gruyère. The area became part of the canton of Vaud in 1798.


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