“Nicolae Bratescu” House , Targoviste, Romania.

1“Nicolae Bratescu” House or “Damboviteana House” is the last building standing from the History Museum zone in Targoviste, Romania, now in ruin. This house was a unique jewelery of the Old Town Of Targoviste, now is listed on the historical monuments as “Nicolae Bratescu House”.The “Nicolae Bratescu” House or “Damboviteana House” was build on a structure of cellars from the XVII century by the grandfather of Alexandru Bratescu Voinesti.
2This house represent the typical lordly ouse with two floors in a baroque style, the only modifications to the original design was destroying two gazebos and replacing the simpla façade with electric decorations, which can be seen today. The interior was fascinating with wonderful decorations and terracotta ovens. In 1947, this house was taken in property the Romanian State by nationalization. Along time, this building was the residence of the Comunist Political Party and then one of the most appreciated restaurants in Targoviste – “Damboviteana House”.
“Damboviteana House was, on Ceausescu time, the most beautiful restaurant, with garden and a beautiful Italian interior, with press house. There were ovens with Italian pottery and venetian mirrors. I didn’t enter in this building for a long time….I could have entered, but I’m afraid to see the disaster….it is a shame…” said the history specialist Petru Diaconescu, one of the many people who live in Targoviste and who can see everyday the ghost of this wonderful building. Unfortunatelly in 2007 a big fire devasted what was left of this building.










Maybe one day, the officials from the City Hall of Targoviste will do something to revive this building……


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2 răspunsuri la “Nicolae Bratescu” House , Targoviste, Romania.

  1. bodealex zice:

    pacat de o asemenea bijuterie arhitecturala ca este lasata prada degradarii , punandu-se inainte interesele personale in locul celor nationale.

  2. Cristi M. zice:

    Asa este, D-le Alexandru e o bijuterie lasata in paragina…..poate autoritatile vor face ceva inainte sa fie prea tarziu.

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