Savage Garden – Hold Me.

220px-SavagegardenholdmeThe other half of the pair, Darren Hayes, performed all of the vocals while Jones mostly provided instrumental backing. However, Jones’s voice is heard in a few demo songs – such as „Aubergine Girl” – and in the countdown in „To the Moon and Back”. Hayes and Jones wrote and performed all of their own music and had a global hit with „Truly Madly Deeply” in 1998 and „I Knew I Loved You” in 2000. Originally, both men travelled the world to promote their first album as well as perform singles. As travel strain and other issues began to take their toll on Daniel, he decided that he was not comfortable with the press junket circuits and the intense scrutiny from fans and media that came with them. When Darren agreed to take on the lion’s share of the promotional duties for the band, Daniel took charge of rehearsals of the backing band that Savage Garden took with them on tour, as well as setting up the musical arrangements for the tour. The duo eventually split up in 2001.

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