Savage Garden – I Don’t Care.

downloadIn late 2005, Jones produced a series of EPs for Quiksilver’s fledgling label, Pavilion Musik. Daniel recorded material with Sean Sennett, The Eighth Colour, Moonjuice and Josh Boots.
In May 2006, it was announced that Daniel had purchased the legendary recording complex located at 301 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. This landmark recording studio was purchased from Tom Misner who owns the global SAE organisation and Studios 301. Throughout its long history, the studio was also owned by the EMI Group. The studio was purchased to start Level 7 Studios and to continue Meridien Musik in a new location. Daniel was also rumoured to be participating in a season of Australian Idol as resident producer.
Today, Daniel Jones is working on his record label and is living in Sydney, Australia. He has since made refusals on whether Savage Garden would ever reunite.

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