Savage Garden – Memories Are Designed To Fade.

imagesDuring the first half of 2007, Hayes performed selected songs from the album in small exclusive gigs around the world. Tickets for several of these much sought after shows sold out in under ten minutes. In June 2007, Hayes embarked on a small tour of USA and Canada, stopping in New York, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, along with the band Temposhark. The shows were well received with very positive reviews.On 30 June 2007, Hayes headlined the London Gay Pride at Trafalgar Square. He performed „I Want You” and „On the Verge of Something Wonderful” as well as a medley that included „Pop!ular”.
In July 2007, Hayes announced The Time Machine Tour that would start out in the UK, and then move on to Hayes’ home country Australia.
On 29 July 2007, „On the Verge of Something Wonderful” was the most selected music video on The Box in the UK.
On 20 August 2007, This Delicate Thing We’ve Made was released in the UK, America and Australia.

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4 răspunsuri la Savage Garden – Memories Are Designed To Fade.

  1. ~REBECCA DAWN~ zice:

    i loved Savage Garden…I had a crush on Darren Hayes. I wanted to see one of their shows..but that didnt happen

    • Cristi M. zice:

      These guys made a great team, too bad they split up…

      • ~REBECCA DAWN~ zice:

        Yes they were really great! They put out such great music. the kids today listen to more garbage, too bad they don’t listen Savage Garden, it would probably make them realize Bieber isn’t that talented

  2. Cristi M. zice:

    You are right, let’s hope that one Bieber fan will visit this blog and listen great music.

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