Savage Garden – Mine.

downloadHayes finished touring this release with ‘The Time Machine Tour’ in the UK and Australia, where he played venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and the State Theatre in Sydney. His stage was again designed by Willie Williams and included a large bridge that could extend over the first few rows of seats. On the final night at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Hayes’ hometown of Brisbane the performance was recorded in HD for a DVD release. The Time Machine Tour DVD came out in two editions; the special edition which was limited to 2000 copies and contained a four panel, fold out, gleaming white box, a 32 page color booklet with 300 photos and notes from the artist, and the regular edition. The special edition DVD, which was only available from Hayes’ website, was shipped to purchasers on 1 July, and the regular edition which was available in shops was released on 22 July.


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