Savage Garden – Tears Of Pearls.

Savage_garden-tears_of_pearlsHayes announced on Twitter on 22 July that he was shooting a second music video from the album. On 14 August, he revealed in a radio interview that „Black Out the Sun” will be the second single from Secret Codes and Battleships. Since its release in the UK, BBC Radio 2 has selected the track to feature on their A list the week commencing 1 October 2011. He later confirmed on Twitter that this song will be the single for the UK and other international markets, while „Blood-Stained Heart” would be the second single in Australia. Hayes played dates on „The Secret” Tour in the UK and Australia beginning on 15 October in Liverpool.
Hayes tweeted on 2 March 2012 that he would be shooting another music video the week after.He later confirmed the music video was being shot for „Stupid Mistake”, which was released as the album’s fourth single in May 2012.

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