Queen – You’re My Best Friend.

You'reMyBestFriendYugoslaviaIn 1999, a Greatest Hits III album was released. This featured, among others, „Queen + Wyclef Jean” on a rap version of „Another One Bites the Dust”. A live version of „Somebody to Love” by George Michael and a live version of „The Show Must Go On” with Elton Johnwere also featured in the album.By this point, Queen’s vast amount of record sales made them the second best selling artist in the UK of all time, behind the Beatles.In 2002, Queen were awarded the 2,207th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is located at 6358 Hollywood Blvd. On 29 November 2003, May and Taylor performed at the 46664 Concert hosted by Nelson Mandela atGreen Point Stadium, Cape Town, to raise awareness of the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.May and Taylor spent time at Mandela’s home, discussing how Africa’s problems might be approached, and two years later the band was made ambassadors for the 46664 cause.


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