Queen – Mustapha.

MustagerMay also served as Queen’s backing vocalist. In Queen’s three-part vocal harmonies, May was generally the lower-range backing vocals. On some of his songs he sings the lead vocals, most notably the first verse of „Who Wants to Live Forever”, the final verse of „Mother Love”, the middle eight on „I Want It All” and „Flash’s Theme”, and full lead vocals on „Some Day One Day”, „She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettoes)”, „’39”, „Good Company”, „Long Away”, „All Dead, All Dead”, „Sleeping on the Sidewalk”, „Leaving Home Ain’t Easy” and „Sail Away Sweet Sister”.
Throughout Queen’s career May frequently wrote songs for the band and has composed many worldwide hits „We Will Rock You”, „Tie Your Mother Down”, „I Want It All”, „Fat Bottomed Girls”, „Who Wants To Live Forever” and „The Show Must Go On” as well as writing significant hit songs „Hammer to Fall”, „Flash”, „Now I’m Here”, „Brighton Rock”, „The Prophet’s Song”, „Las Palabras de Amor”, „No-One But You” and „Save Me”. Typically, either Freddie Mercury or May wrote the most songs on every Queen album.


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