Queen – Don’t Try Suicide.

descărcareMay explored a wide variety of styles in guitar, including sweep picking („Was It All Worth It”, „Chinese Torture”), tremolo („Brighton Rock”, „Stone Cold Crazy”, „Death on Two Legs”, „Sweet Lady”, „Bohemian Rhapsody”, „Get Down Make Love”, „Dragon Attack”), tapping(„Bijou”, „It’s Late”, „Resurrection”, „Cyborg”, „Rain Must Fall”, „Business”, „China Belle”, „I Was Born To Love You”), slide guitar („Drowse”, „Tie Your Mother Down”), Hendrix sounding licks („Liar”, „Brighton Rock”), tape-delay („Brighton Rock”, „White Man”) and melodic sequences („Bohemian Rhapsody”, „Killer Queen”, „These Are the Days of Our Lives”). Some of his solos and orchestral parts were composed by Freddie Mercury, who then asked May to bring them to life („Bicycle Race”, „Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon”, „Killer Queen”, „Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy”). May also performed notable acoustic works, including the acoustic guitar live version of „Love of My Life” from 1975’s A Night at the Opera, the finger-picked solo of „White Queen” and the skiffle-influenced „’39”.


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