Singapore’s Beautifully Soulful Willow House I.

WillowHouseGuzArchitects1Built in Singapore, the Willow House is an open and airy home designed to invite as much of the outdoors inside. Created by Guz Architects, the home rests atop a small hill and was built to capture as much of Singapore’s seldom wind and cross breeze as possible. To do this, the architects left the floor plan largely open and made sure to orient the house for the best exposure to the elements.
Not only is nature being allowed inside, it is a large part of the building’s aesthetics. On top of the cantilevered roof is a simple grass lawn that features an open skylight surrounded with cascading foliage. This provides natural light to the interior and even frames a small tree with other various plants sitting in a reflecting pool right below it. In case the owners get too hot, there is even a pool that wraps around part of the home’s outer facade.




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