Queen – Scandal.

downloadIn April 2011 Brian May confirmed that a lot of work was still being done in preparation for the film. He said that after holding back for a long time due to mixed feelings, the band had approved a team to start filming later in 2011, and Baron Cohen’s eagerness had been the key to progress.However, in July 2013, it was reported that Baron Cohen dropped out of the role due to „creative differences” between him and the surviving band members. Later, Queen guitarist Brian May said they split on good terms and gave the reason for the split that they felt Cohen’s presence would be „distracting.”
In December 2013 it was announced that Ben Whishaw, best known for playing Q in the James Bond film Skyfall, had been chosen to replace Cohen in the role of Mercury. It was also announced that British actor and director Dexter Fletcher would direct the film, however Fletcher subsequently withdrew from the project in March 2014. Prior to Fletcher’s withdrawal, production on the film had been due to begin in the summer of 2014; any delays would cause further problems, with Whishaw already committed to begin work on the next James Bond film towards the end of the year.

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