Queen – Heaven For Everyone.

hfeusaBy the time News of the World was released in 1977, Taylor had met his future girlfriend, Dominique Beyrand. She was working for Richard Branson at the time, who was at the helm of Queen’s free concert at Hyde Park. They lived together from 1980 to 1987, raising their two children: Felix Luther and Rory Eleanor. They decided to get married for reasons relating to his estate, to protect his children’s interests in the future. At the time, Taylor was seeing another girl, Debbie Leng (also seen in the „Breakthru” video); he moved in with her a month after his marriage of convenience to Dominique. Before Freddie Mercury’s death, Taylor and Leng had their first child, Rufus Tiger, who was born in March 1991. He ended up having two more children with Leng: Tiger Lily (1994) and Lola Daisy May (2000). In late 2002, they decided to break up. Taylor remarried on 26 August 2010, to Sarina Potgieter.Taylor is also a Chelsea F.C. supporter but also supported Manchester United fans who campaigned against media mogul Rupert Murdoch buying a stake into the club.


Despre Cristi M.

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