Queen – Hijack My Heart.

downloadDeacon is the only member of Queen never to sing any lead vocals on any of their tracks. He has stated in interviews that he was incapable of competing with the three strong vocalists in the group.Deacon is not credited as a vocalist on any Queen album.
In live shows, Deacon did not receive his own microphone until the band’s first headlining tour in support of their Sheer Heart Attack album. Despite this promising development, the main purpose of this was to play one note on the triangle in “Killer Queen”. Before this, he had sung backing vocals during “Liar” into Mercury’s microphone. There have been occasions where his microphone was turned up to a point where his voice can be heard, such as a 1977 Earls Court bootleg, where his voice was clearly heard on “Somebody to Love” and “In The Lap of the Gods Revisited”. He can also be heard in a 1984 Milan bootleg singing part of a chorus of “Radio Ga Ga”. He is also credited as backing vocalist on the closing credits of the band’s first live video, “Queen at the Rainbow” (shot live in November 1974 and released on Box of Tricks).
Despite this, Deacon is almost always shown to be singing in Queen’s music videos, such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “You’re My Best Friend”, “Somebody To Love”, “Tie Your Mother Down”, and “Don’t Stop Me Now”, among others.


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