BettinaGuberOfficeLife1When German artist Bettina Güber takes a break from work in the office, she doesn’t just go for a walk or grab a cup of coffee. Instead, she finds inspiration from the ordinary objects around her desk and transforms the workplace into a miniature world filled with danger, adventure, and entertainment. In her series, Office Supplies—Small People, Güber uses little toy figures as the subjects for her playful scenes
BettinaGuberOfficeLife2The artist transforms a stapler into a death trap and a pile of hole punch scraps into decorations for a couple’s wedding day. Everything is documented from a unique perspective so that the combination of large and tiny objects take on entirely new meanings. The artist tells inventive stories through her deliberately arranged snapshots and humorous tag lines. Through each creation, she invites viewers to create their own stories for what happens next beyond the photograph.

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