The Unseen Beauty of High Speed Water Drop Photography.

high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-1There are entire worlds out there that humans cannot see with the naked eye. With powerful microscopes we are able to observe life at the microscopic (and even atomic) level; and with high-speed cameras we are able to observe events that happen in fractions of a second.Photographer Markus Reugels focuses on the latter, primarily experimenting with water drops. Through dizzying combinations of lighting, food colouring, surfaces (liquid and solid) and airstreams; Reugels creates incredible liquid art that occurs and disappears in a split-second, but is immortalized through his photography.
high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-2Reguels stresses the fact that the images are not Photoshopped and that he only uses post-production software to remove things like sensor dust. All tones and colours are naturally processed and the shapes and patterns are not digitally manipulated.At the end of the gallery I’ve included some slow-motion video to show how some of the shots are achieved along with an informative video interview with Reugels that delves deeper into his process and set up.
high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-3 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-4 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-5 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-6 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-7 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-8 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-9 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-10 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-11 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-12 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-13 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-14 high-speed-water-drop-photography-by-markus-reugels-15



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