CAMWorks – Airplane Machining ( Volumill and Virtual Machine ).

CAD-CAM Engineering

Using the powerful tools from CAMWorks 2017, like Volumill Technology Expert, I created two roughing operation using volumill pattern. Using this amazing tool, now when you choose to work with volumill, you have assistance in choosing the right feeds and speeds.


Simulating the toolpath in CAMWorks is complete, either you use the simulate toolpath from the CAMWorks Opearation Toolbar or you decide to use an amazing tool for simulation, which is CAMWorks Virtual Machine. Having the 3D model of the machine, devices and parts it’s now easy to define everything in Virtual Machine in order to have a complete simulation.


The actual machining of this part was done on a 5 axis horizontal machine, Grob G550 with Siemens 840D controller.


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