CAMWorks Tips: Chamfer machining.

CAD-CAM Engineering

When you use CAMWorks, automatic feature recognition can save you a lot of time. However one features must be inserted manually, like for example chamfer. It is very easy to insert a new contour mill operation and use the chamfer machining options. More of that, after you insert one chamfer strategy, you can save it in the technology database and use it later on.

It is very important to understand that chamfer machining is a group of options under contour mill operation.
Another set of very important parameters are: length and clearance of the chamfer.
In CAMWorks for chamfering, you can use countersink tool and tapered flat end mill. If the chamfer is exterior or interior, please take in consideration the feature edge option. This parameter defines whether the geometry in the feature is to the apex of the chamfer or to the outer edge of the chamfer…

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