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upside_down_house_Germany-1-798x350The upside down house located in Getorff, Germany is certainly not the first of its kind, but it is still an amazing attraction for the local zoo. Investor Dirk Oster commissioned carpenters Gerhard Mordhorst, Gesellse Splettstößer and Manfred Kolax to build the inverted house.

The house stands on a pointed roof and is reinforced by steel beams in the attic. It stands at a height of 23 feet and has an upside down bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. Inside the house, every tiny detail has been set upside down including the fruit bowl, kitchen sink and even the sofas in the living room. A total of 50 different pieces were screwed to the floor-ceiling of the house. These pieces included a microwave, tables, beds and even pictures (these were screwed to the wall). The heaviest of these pieces was the 100-lb wardrobe, but it too was fixed to the roof of the structure (the floor of the house).The house has been open to the public since March 2010 and is inclined at a slight angle to challenge the viewer’s perspective.







Californian artist Phillip K. Smith III, in his latest project titled „Lucid Stead”, transformed a 70-year-old abandoned shack in the middle of the California High Desert into a beautiful architectural intervention composed of mirror, LED lighting and custom built electronic equipment. In daylight the mirrors between the aged wood slats reflect and refract the surrounding terrain like a mirage. As the sun sets geometric color fields emerge until they illuminate the desolate darkness. Philip explains, “This project is about tapping into the desert, into the pace of change, and is about responding to the quiet of the place. And ultimately, in that quite, the project begins to unfold.”





Photos courtesy of Steven King and Royale Projects.

korowai-tree-house-0[6] (1)The Korowai people live in the inaccessible jungle in the southeast of the Indonesian province of Papua, about 150 kilometres inland from the Arafura Sea. They are hunter-gatherers in a small society of traditional family ties who need to share all they have in order to survive. Like the Kombai, the Korowai are known for being great architects of tree houses high up in the tree. Until about 1975 the Korowai had hardly any contact with the outside world. Only the clans living close to a village, have given up their traditional customs and they receive tourists when requested.