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1We’ve seen all kinds of interesting animal portraits from dark and moody zoo animals to hilarious pet and owner mash-ups. Often, the creative portraits focus on furry or feathery friends but in this series, artist Łukasz Bożycki has turned his lens towards a new subject: cute little pond-based amphibians.
2In his ongoing series of nature photography, the Polish photographer narrows in on lone toads or frogs lazily relaxing in the golden light of the setting sun. To capture these intimate portraits, Bożycki spent a spring evening patiently waiting in icy cold water of a nearby pond until his subjects appeared. Then, using a telephoto lens, Bozycki leaned over to gain an eye-to-eye level, bending down so far that he sometimes dipped his ear into the water.
3By focusing his attention on just one or two leathery-skinned creatures, Bożycki created a unique portrayal of the species in their natural environments. He says, „I wanted to find a fresh way of portraying the amphibians at water level.”






BettinaGuberOfficeLife1When German artist Bettina Güber takes a break from work in the office, she doesn’t just go for a walk or grab a cup of coffee. Instead, she finds inspiration from the ordinary objects around her desk and transforms the workplace into a miniature world filled with danger, adventure, and entertainment. In her series, Office Supplies—Small People, Güber uses little toy figures as the subjects for her playful scenes
BettinaGuberOfficeLife2The artist transforms a stapler into a death trap and a pile of hole punch scraps into decorations for a couple’s wedding day. Everything is documented from a unique perspective so that the combination of large and tiny objects take on entirely new meanings. The artist tells inventive stories through her deliberately arranged snapshots and humorous tag lines. Through each creation, she invites viewers to create their own stories for what happens next beyond the photograph.

BettinaGuberOfficeLife3 BettinaGuberOfficeLife4 BettinaGuberOfficeLife5 BettinaGuberOfficeLife6 BettinaGuberOfficeLife7 BettinaGuberOfficeLife8 BettinaGuberOfficeLife9 BettinaGuberOfficeLife10 BettinaGuberOfficeLife11 BettinaGuberOfficeLife12 BettinaGuberOfficeLife13 BettinaGuberOfficeLife14

MuttMuggin1Emily McCracken (@muttadventures) loves photographing her three rescued dogs: Gertie the bull terrier, Boston the Dane mix and George the mutt. So naturally, when she first saw this #babymugging idea started by Instagrammer Ilana Wiles (@mommyshorts), she instantly knew that she needed to photograph her puppies in exactly the same way. McCracken said, “The pictures were hilarious and adorable, so naturally I put George (my ‘fur-kid’) inside a mug.” Thus, the „muttmuggin” series was established and has since developed into quite the popular trend.MuttMuggin2The project is simply a play on perspective and there is no Photoshop required to get that one perfect photo. Photographers just need to get their pup to sit still for a moment and then hold a mug out between the camera and the dog. McCracken suggests having three things on hand: a full bag of smelly treats, a nice squeaky toy, and a tennis ball (or two) to get the attention of your main subject. The trending hashtag has resulted in a fun collection of ridiculously cute faces staring up at their owners as they unknowingly pose for the whimsical portraits.MuttMuggin3



MuttMuggin6 (1)






dariuszklimczak1Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak constructs surreal landscapes through clever manipulation. Each image in the skilled photo editor’s growing collection is a composite of multiple elements that work in unison to present a cohesive, albeit unusual, scene. More often than not, Klimczak’s subjects are situated in deserted, barren lands that make the viewer question how any of the characters wound up in that spot.
dariuszklimczak2Whether a little girl is somehow atop a massive boulder in the middle of nowhere, a disproportionately giant suitcase is being tugged by a tiny man in a desert, or a ladder is inexplicably extending from a decaying tree stump, Klimczak’s monochromatic images offer a simultaneous sense of mystery and playfulness. There’s a fantasy-filled appeal to the baffling world he has created and continues to expand.
dariuszklimczak4 dariuszklimczak5 dariuszklimczak6 dariuszklimczak8 dariuszklimczak9 dariuszklimczak10 dariuszklimczak12 dariuszklimczak13 dariuszklimczak14


hammiebulldog01About a week ago Michelle Parden (or Redditor RorschachBulldogs) showed some incredibly sweet photos of her bulldog Hammie being incredibly protective to a group of foster kittens. Born from a local stray cat, the kittens all ended up being adopted to loving homes, but for the limited time when Parden had them all in her house, she was able to capture Hammie the bulldog, acting lovingly like their mother hen.
hammiebulldog02In October, Parden’s friend posted on Facebook that she needed to find a foster home for a pregnant cat and her soon-to-be born kittens. The cat, named Mommy, was a stray found in Valparaiso, Nebraska. Even though the Parden family already had two bulldogs and a cat, they still eagerly volunteered.On Halloween, the six orange kittens were born. Parden, with the help of her 7-year-old son Max gave them some truly awesome names – Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira.

hammiebulldog03Parden slowly introduced the kittens to her dogs to try and socialize the cats. What she couldn’t expect was that soon after bulldog Hammie would plop himself right next to them, looking for a warm cuddle. “I swear he thought he was the mom,” Parden said.

1-year-old English bulldog, befriended six foster kittens his owners were looking after. Born on Halloween the kittens were named Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira. 18_hammie

Hammie, a 1-year-old English bulldog, befriended the six foster kittens his owners were looking after. Born on Halloween the kittens were named Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira. 18_hammie

1-year-old English bulldog, befriended six foster kittens his owners were looking after. Born on Halloween the kittens were named Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira. 18_hammie


AlienEvery week for the last three months, parents Lilly and Leon Mackie have been recreating movie scenes with their now 10-month-old son Orson in an ongoing project that is cleverly dubbed Cardboard Box Office. From a creative homemade rendition of Jaws to their latest take on Home Alone, the awesome parents are dedicated to making some memories with their tiny tot and having a whole lot of fun in the process.

Apollo 13The Sydney, Australia residents (by way of New Zealand) first embarked on the project upon the realization that they had accumulated a lot of cardboard boxes from their big move to a new country. They say, „With our social lives drastically altered we decided to find a way to make some of those housebound weekends a little more fun.” They also playfully explain, „The costumes, props, and sets in Cardboard Box Office are created entirely out of everyday household items, toys, cardboard, and three individuals slowly losing their sanity.”


Die Hard

he Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Home Alone

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


Jurassic Park

Star Wars


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


KevinCorradoTransfer1Artist Kevin Corrado plays with all kinds of perspectives in this visually intriguing series titled Transfer. In each scene, a single arm, attached to nothing, hangs mysteriously down from the sky. The entire hand, covered with dripping paint to match the surrounding landscape, blends together with the scene in a dramatic combination of real and surreal.
Corrado digitally composes the images to create the unusual moments suspended high above the world. One piece, Transfer White, is actually a blend of half photograph and half painting. The artist strives to create neutral places that are indistinct, stating that „it’s more fun for a viewer to connect with a general idea of a location, such as nature, rather than a specific location somewhere.”


modernrenaissance1Expert Photoshoppers over at Worth1000 continue to re-imagine classic paintings with celebrities as the models. The skilled photo manipulators have been expanding the site’s Modern Renaissance collection with their creative additions, transforming the likes of superstars like Julia Roberts and Jack Nicholson into painted people from centuries past.
modernrenaissance2The cleverly humorous amalgamations disregard any notion of time or aging as they spotlight these present-day celebrities as classically painted portraits. They take famed actors off the big screen, legendary athletes off the courts, and iconic musicians off the stage and, instead, throw their images onto canvases. Some of these „paintings” are so well doctored and incredibly believable, it’s hard to tell that a celebrity’s face has just been edited in.











benkuhns1Salt Lake City-based photographer Ben Kuhns, who also happens to be one half of creative network Lunar / Solar, captures some enchanting images of the spectacular towers of ice, aptly known as Ice Castles, in Midway, Utah. The massive, icy structures are given a mysterious appeal through Kuhns’ firsthand perspective. His point of view from afar, within the frosty trails, and beneath the spiky icicles are stunning documents of the space.
benkuhns2Illuminated from within with multicolored LED lights, the castles are given a colorful, though slightly muted, glow that further heightens the enigmatic draw. There’s something within the walls of the structure that beckons spectators to venture forth through the coarsely formed tunnels. Kuhns’ photos brilliantly capture that sense of mystery, magic, and adventure.






This leapard found it hard to find a comfortable position on the branch and settled into this funny pose. Its belly was full and distended with heavy meal and it tossed and turned as it slept. Reminds me of some evenings after eating out, binging on biryani !

This leapard found it hard to find a comfortable position on the branch and settled into this funny pose. Its belly was full and distended with heavy meal and it tossed and turned as it slept. Reminds me of some evenings after eating out, binging on biryani !